Meet the sposors: Fair Cape Dairies

Faircape Dairies

Remember when you were growing up and you asked where milk comes from?  If your childhood was like mine, your parents and teachers painted a picture of Blossom the happy cow contentedly chewing the cud in a green pasture and then being milked by a cheerful rosy-cheeked farmer’s wife in the evening.  Remember how upset you were when you found out that for the majority of dairy cows, life is not nearly as much fun? But the good news is that not all dairy farms are equal, and Fair Cape are determined to put the welfare of their cows first.

Currently the 5th generation of the Loubser family is growing up on the farm and it is the intention that many more generations of the family will grow up on the farm in the future.  The farm Welgegund is situated along the outskirts of Durbanville Hills, just 10km from the hustle and bustle of the busy Mother City has been in the Loubser family for more than 150 years.

Fair Cape Dairies is currently under the management of the 5 Loubser brothers, each one of them responsible for an important aspect of this fast growing dairy business.

In 2011, Fair Cape introduced the Fair Cape Eco-Fresh ™ Milk brand, a brand- substantially different from any other milk on the market.  It differentiates itself by accounting not only for the welfare of the cows, but also of the environment.

The brand is based upon 3 pillars that the company puts primary focus on in every aspect of the business.

Animal Welfare:

Fair Cape Dairies is predicated on the principle of animal welfare and animal wellbeing. The wellbeing of the cows is top priority for Fair Cape. From the top class infrastructure of the sheds that the cows are housed in -allowing them both internal shelter and access to the outdoors – to the fact that they are fed an individualized diet created specifically for them and derived from natural sources. One can certainly see why Fair Cape Dairies is known as ‘The home of the happy cows’.

Furthermore, each cow is individually monitored and scored on 9 different criteria on Fair Cape’s “Cow Comfort Index” that assists Fair Cape in ensuring that the cow’s health and wellbeing is maintained at all times.

Environmental Welfare:

At Fair Cape Dairies, great heed is taken in maintaining a transparent, sustainable and ethical business and farming practices.

The environmental welfare pillar focuses on the production of milk at the Fair Cape farm, its impact on the environment and how to decrease it.

At the Fair Cape farm, the 120,000L of cleaning water used daily – which would on another dairy farm, be flushed away, is recycled and reused around the farm.

The ground water is not impacted by effluent from production which is different from the majority of dairies. Furthermore, Fair Cape Dairies recycles the cow dung and uses it as fertilizer on the fields which in turn decreases the need for chemical fertilizers. Another great initiative that Fair Cape has undertaken is that they are the only dairy in South Africa to have their Carbon footprint printed on the milk bottles and have retained a leading environmental management company to further decrese their environmental impact going forward.

Social Welfare:

Fair Cape does not only ‘Do the Right Thing’ for the cows and the environment, but are also committed to helping the community.

As part of the Fair Cape Cares Initiative (an initiative which launched to make a meaningful difference to Cape Town and South Africa over the coming years) Fair Cape have selected a number of partners to assist in their mission to Do the Right Thing.

Each partner has been specifically chosen based on their ability to affect and change the lives of the people/animals with whom they are involved. To date, Fair Cape has partnered with 6 charities which include:

ü      The Little Fighters Cancer Trust

ü      Rape Crisis Awareness

ü      CANSA

ü      WWF Rhino Fund

ü      The BIG Issue

ü      The Cancer Alliance

As part of this pillar focus is placed on the social wellbeing of not only the people in the community and the customers but also the employees of Fair Cape Dairies.

Fair Cape Dairies very generously sponsored their fabulous health product called Rooiboost for every goodie bag as well as a Fair Cape Hamper which was sold at the end of the day on auction. 


The Cancer Association of South Africa has found that drinking 6 cups of Rooibos tea per day substantially increases the level of the cancer fighting anti-oxident called Glutathion in your body, thereby decreasing your chances of getting cancer.

However, drinking 6 cups of tea per day is no mean feat! So Fair Cape has developed the internationally recognised Rooiboost drinking yogurt.

Each Rooiboost has the 6 cups worth of Rooibos tea you need in each convenient 100ml shot – think of it as your morning bottle of health!!!

Rooiboost won the International Dairy Federation award for one of the top 3 new drinking yogurts anywhere in the world in 2011. It is also the only drinking yogurt ever to carry the CANSA seal!

Thank you Fair Cape Dairies for your wonderful contribution to the SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba 2014. We look forward to a long association with you.



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