Meet the sponsors: Original Cocktails

Original Cocktails manufactures a range of premium quality, ready-mixed, classic Cocktails made with real fruit juice and containing 5% alcohol.
There are two ranges: Original Iced* launched in 2009 : a Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Margarita and Original Shaken launched in 2012 : a Cosmopolitan, Singapore Sling and a Mojito. Each cocktail comes in a convenient 300ml serving pouch including everything. Shake the contents of the pouch, chill/freeze the cocktail depending on the instructions, massage or shake just before serving and decant into your prepared glass. The photograph clearly illustrates how to garnish the cocktail and what glass to use. Fantastic for braais, parties, trips to the beach or just easy home entertaining!The company has also recently launched a fabulous new winter-warming drink called Original GLÜHWEIN. Made with a full-bodied red wine and containing spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves along with fruity citrus notes, the wine is guaranteed to be a winter winner. Also ready-mixed, just heat the wine and serve with a slice of lemon.

High Quality Ready Made Cocktails

Original Cocktails are cocktails made with real fruit juice and contain 5% alcohol and are ready made cocktails packaged in 300ml servings

For an authentic frozen cocktail you simply freeze your original cocktail for 8 hours, then squash the pouch when it is removed from the freezer and dispense into a garnished cocktail glass.

Original strawberry Daiquiri is blended to perfection with real strawberry juice, a dash of lime and rum to give you a cool refreshing sensation. Garnish your Daiquiri glass with a strawberry and strawberry leaves or mint leaves. Add 2 straws.

Original Pina Colanda is the perfect blend of real pineapple juice, coconut and rum to give you a delicious tropical island style pina colada. When garnishing your Pina Colada glass you can really go to town with a pineapple wedge, pineapple leaf, a cherry and if available, a coconut slice. Then top it off with off with a cocktail umbrella.

Original Margarita is a refreshing combination of real lemon juice, lime and tequila. Run a lemon wedge around your margarita glass, dip the rim in salt and decorate with a slice lime. Pour frozen margarita into glass.

Original cocktails sponsored a delicious cocktail sachet for each bag as well as hampers which was given away as prizes at the end of the event and one was given away for the trendiest tweet of the day. We are very grateful to Original Cocktails for their fabulous sponsorship of the SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba 2014. 

We were fortunate enough to get a Mojito (my favourite cocktail after a margarita) and a strawberry daiquiri which we enjoyed during the past summer months with an al fresco meal on the rocks watching the sun setting over the Atlantic. We found them easy to use, easy to transport and totally delicious! We have become regular customers as I am sure other delegates have too 🙂





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