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Nobody who knows the SA Food & Wine Blogger Indaba can possibly be unfamiliar with the lovely Pesto Princess products – they have been one of our staunchest supporters, and as a bonus they are some of the nicest folk you could ever hope to meet. Their story stats about 14 years ago when founder Kathleen Quillinan – an opera singer at the time – began selling fresh sauces made in her home kitchen, as a novel and creative way of funding her singing career.

Pesto was still quite a new concept to South African palates back then, and when Kathleen produced a batch she found that people were thrilled to discover the fresh flavour.  This got Kathleen thinking about the exciting opportunity to delight people through food rather than as a songbird, and so it came to pass that she hung up her opera score, put on her apron (and tiara!), and began a new adventure.


PestoPrincess © J Horak-Druiff 2012


People often ask where the quirky name came from and the answer is simple. When Kathleen was still selling her products at small markets, someone asked her what her company name was.  Without thinking, she replied, “Pesto Princess”, and laughed – but if the tiara fits, wear it, so the name stuck.  From Kathleen’s kitchen in Observatory, to the small factory that she likes to refer to as The Palace, he last 14 years have been a wonderful adventure; and one the Pesto Princess humbly and gratefully share with their loyal royal fans.

Today the Pesto Princess product list includes basil pesto; red pepper pesto; Thai pesto with coriander & chilli;  Greek pesto;  rocket pesto with walnuts;  olive pesto with aubergines; Tunisian harissa spice paste; Moroccan chermoula spice paste; and Argentinian chimichurri spice relish.  You’ll find all their pestos and sauces in the refrigerators at leading supermarkets as the are fresh, unpasteruised and preservative-free (and as an added bonus to vegetarians, they contain no animal rennet). We are thrilled and grateful that Pesto Princess sponsored some fantastic product hampers and the delightful banquet in a  box as giveaways at this year’s Indaba

To keep up with the royal goings-on, like Pesto Princess on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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