Meet the Speakers – Thuli Gogela

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Born in Alice in the Eastern Cape, and spending her teenage years in Queenstown, Thulisa Gogela, known to all as Thuli, moved to Cape Town in 2001 where, after doing a couple of temporary jobs, she decided to further her education and obtained a BTech for  Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  She then began a term of employment as a Food Technologist at Bokomo Foods.

In 2011 Thuli started writing her blog Mzansi Style Cuisine to encourage young people to cook and provide them with an online platform to access traditional and indigenous dishes.

In her own words: “I firmly believe that food brings people together. We are all unique and we come from diverse backgrounds, therefore each one of us has a story to tell and I would like to think that all our stories involve food and cooking.

I grew up in a household where we would sit around a fire and listen to stories narrated by my grandmother. As South Africans we have stories, or rather experiences, to share with the world. Our food is delicious and it is unique and I love sharing it with the country, the continent and the world.

Indigenous dishes are not widely documented – the reason being that the knowledge was passed down from generation to generation by training young women. Nowadays things have changed, young women move to the city to get an education and jobs before they have that entire food heritage passed down to them by the older generation. I hope to bridge that gap through this blog. In addition to that, I urge young people, both women and men, to spend more time with the older generation. By that I mean our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts. Let us embrace them, listen and learn from their experiences. Knowing where one comes from makes for a grounded individual and there is nothing cooler than that. These are the things that motivated me to be a food blogger and being part of the South African blogging community continues to be one of my greatest pleasures.”

Thuli’s hobbies include wine tasting, travelling, reading, internet, social media, working out  and taking pictures…She was a participant in the South African tv show Dinner Divas and also writes a Friday food column for the Cape Times.

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Thuli very kindly agreed to participate in the interesting panel discussion about blogging and brands at the SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba held last Saturday 22 February 2014. A blog post about the Indaba will follow soon after I have caught up with all the post Indaba admin but, in the meantime, you can read all about it here:

Yuppiechef Spatula Magazine 


Mzansi Style Cuisine 


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