Meet the Sponsors – Inspired Foods


Inspired Foods is a small natural foods company, based in Cape Town, who is passionate about natural products made locally, as ethically as possible, and always hand made with love.Started as a passion for local, organic, free range, home grown ingredients (where ever possible) and expressed in a food blog, Inspired by Food. Through this love and passion for natural products, Umami Shake was created.


After two years of planning and perfecting, the first product in the Inspired Foods range was launched. Umami Shake is a natural seasoning made from shiitake mushrooms, glorious garlic, himalayan pink salt, a special blend of herbs and the warmth of paprika. Using the principles of Umami, this product has been created using no wheat or gluten, as well as no preservatives or additives. Umami Shake also contains no MSG, but the principles of Umami work the same way, enhancing the flavour of every bite, naturally.


Inspired Foods Umami shake can be used as a savoury seasoning in alsmot every meal. Shakie it onto potatoes, stire into stews, season over roasts and into pasta too. Blend into soups, saute into stir fries, sprinkle over salads or try an Umami Pie.

Congratulations to Vickie Gibson who motivated us in such a way that we simply had to refund her ticket that she bought to the Indaba this week. We hope that you will enjoy your first Indaba experience Vickie and we know that it will inspire you to go out and create a beautiful blog. 

Want to buy a ticket? Click here to register now Just a couple of tickets remain to be sold.
See you at the Indaba! 
If you’d like a nifty Indaba badge to display in your sidebar please e-mail Colleen  and she will send you the code!




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