A sneak peek into the goodie bags: NoMU and Yuppiechef


Oh yes, I can smell it in the air… Excitement about the 2014 SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba is building!  Now only one sleep away, I am sure you are all looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, making some new friends, learning some new skills and, of course, checking out the famous Indaba goodie bags!

Over the past few days we have been tweeting up a storm telling you what each sponsor is putting in the goodie bags, but today we just wanted to highlight our two prime and most loyal sponsors – the one and only NoMU, purveyors of fine spice blends, spice rubs, fonds, baking kits and of course hot chocolate;  and Yuppiechef, purveyors of only the finest kitchen tools and accessories.  We were very lucky in that both Yuupiechef and NoMU collaborated with us in voucher giveaways during the ticket sale phase and many of you who bought tickets got a happy surprise when your ticket came with a handy voucher for these amazing retailers!

But… there’s more!

In addition to giving ten lucky ticket holders a voucher for their products (and i think it’s fair to say that their NoMU skinny hot chocolate is a modern icon!), NoMU are also giving every 2014 Indaba something to celebrate because in the goodie bags you will find a voucher/coupon for either the hot chocolate of your choice OR one of their newly-launched baking kits. These clever kits take the hassle out of baking.  Can’t boil water without screwing it up?  Never fear!  These kits of pre-mixed dry ingredients are so simple that a child could make them.  Just add the wet ingredients, bake and… voila!  Domestic goddess status. And with breakfast muffins; chocolate brownies; chocolate fondants; oatmeal cookies; chocolate cake; pancakes and waffles; scones and cobblers; vanilla cake; and vanilla cookie kits to choose from, your biggest problem will be which one to make first! These coupons expire on 30 April 2014 so use them and don’t lose them. They also come with free shipping (just for #FBI2014 delegates) so if you browse their online shop and happen to find some other delicious goodies that you want to buy (and believe me I know from personal experience that you will) then the free shipping will extend to the extra purchases on your order.



And in addition to the goodie bag goodness. NoMU have also donated five superb hampers of their products for the Indaba charity auction at the end of the day, including products like their spice rubs and grinders, olive oil, pesto mixes and baking kits.  Personally, I can’t think of a better gift for a foodie (or for yourself…)


So now you have the ingredients sorted out – now you need the gadgets… which is where our friends at Yuppiechef come in! If you are after something for your kitchen Yuppiechef is the place to go – from the most basic like rolling pins, casserole dishes and measuring jugs; to the delightfully esoteric like picket fence cupcake wrappers and pie funnels.  They’re also an all-round super-nice company and when you buy from them your order will come with a handwritten note.  And the good news is that in each of the Indaba goodie bags you will find one of their super-cute letterpress cookie sets so that you can let your cookies do the talking!




In addition, Yuppiechef have also generously donated a Sodastream machine with flavouring syrups to be given away in a lucky draw at the end of the Indaba.  Who doesn’t remember Sodastream from their childhood?  Cream soda on demand!  It was like magic.  Not to mention the erm… impolite sound them make when you pump too much gas into them 😉 So make sure to wear your lucky pants to the Indaba – there’s a lot at stake!!


Ticket sales for the 2014 Indaba are now CLOSED – see you tomorrow at the Indaba!


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