Meet the Sponsors: Urban Harvest Edible Gardens


Urban Harvest is South Africa’s oldest edible garden service.
Through the installation, maintenance and support of organic food gardens in Homes, Businesses, Schools and Communities, Urban Harvest makes it easy for South Africans to grow their own fresh, nutrient-rich and chemical free food and have a great time doing it!

Urban Harvest makes your food gardening experience fun, easy and hugely rewarding by providing you with the professional support you need to make your edible landscape a success at home, school and business…watch the awesome youtube video below to see what a difference Ben and his team have made to just one school in the Western Cape:

In no time, you’ll be eating home grown fresh, chemical free food, and that means your food will taste better and cost less!

Did you know you can grow a garden pretty much anywhere? Ben will install your garden for you, maintain your garden with you and/or train you to DIY. That way they ensure long-term sustainability and value. I cannot wait to get my hands into the soil and to pick my own veggies and herbs!

Urban Harvest logo hi

This business is the brainchild of Ben Getz and it is his and his wife’s passion!
They believe that by helping South Africans to grow their own food, they are supporting a healthier, happier and more sustainable way of life for everyone.
Their eco-logical approach to food gardens supports natural systems and helps to cut down on the harmful effects of the packaging, travel miles and chemical pollution created by mainstream, store bought foods.

Contact  Ben  at Urban Harvest and transform your balcony, rooftop, or yard into a flourishing edible garden!

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