Meet the Speakers – Fritz Brand


Fritz Brand, a web developer, blogger, photographer and aspiring musician lives in Durbanville, Cape Town. He started his blog, Real Men Can Cook, in December 2010 primarily as a photography experiment and has been at it ever since.

Fritz has always enjoyed good food but it wasn’t until he left the roost and got forced to cook for himself that he started to really enjoy cooking and began experimenting with food. He is even making his own Fior di Latte these days and tormenting poor souls on instagram and facebook with delicious photos of it all melting and oozing over tomatoes and basil.

Fritz aims to make cooking more accessible to newcomers by using plain language, step by step photographs and a touch of light humour. He is a firm believer that the path to any woman’s heart is through his Lindt Brûlée . You can check out his blog and if you are looking to having your heart found……well, you can talk to me and I can supply contact details. The man sings the blues AND makes an awesome Lindt Brûlée 😉

We are very grateful to Fritz for standing in at the last moment for Jeanne after her recent accident. He will be participating in the panel discussion “Working with Brands – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Fritz is also partial to tweeting 

Want to buy a ticket to come and ogle Fritz? Click here to register nowONE lucky ticket holder who purchases their ticket in this final week before the Indaba will get a full refund….motivate us as to why YOU should be the one by liking our Facebook page and sending us a private message there. 
See you at the Indaba! 
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