Meet the Sponsors – Jorgensens Distillery


Long time friends and supporters of the SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba is Jorgensens Distillery, home to some of the best spirits that are handcrafted in SA. Roger Jorgensen and his beautiful wife Dawn live on their tiny historic family farm, Versailles, in the heart of Wellington, with their five children and numerous animals.  From here they create and share their finely handcrafted spirits, remain truly inspired by life and love and continue to hone the skills learnt through personal endeavour, hard work and passion.


PRIMITIV VODKA is SA’s only super premium organic handcrafted vodka and is of course a product of Jorgensen’s Distillery – along with the stunning Savingnac Potstill Brandy, Field of Dreams Absinthe, Naked Lemon Limoncello, Naked Lime Liqueur and mostly recently the fabulous Jorgensen’s Gin – all handcrafted under the watchful eye of  The Still Man, Roger Jorgensen

Find them on twitter and facebook or contact them
Roger Jorgensen
JD Jorgensen’s Distillery
Versailles Farm, Regent Street, Wellington 7654
PO Box 407 Wellington 7655
Tel: +27 21 8641777
Cell: 0825642512

Want to buy one of the few remaining tickets? Take a look at the agenda then Click here to register and pay now. Every second ticket purchased for the remainder of this week will receive a delicious NoMU Gift Voucher to the value of R100. We have also decided to refund the full price of ONE ticket that is purchased this week in the run up to the event.  Just to make it more exciting 🙂 

See you at the Indaba!

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