Meet the speakers: Jennifer Nel


Ask Jennifer Nel how she came to do what she does and she will tell you that it all started when a mother with an artistic background placed a piece of plastic icing into her daughter’s hand and told her to try and sculpt it into a figurine.  Up to this point, young Jennifer had only worked with paint and clay, but as she sculpted, twisted and patched the piece of icing, she realised that this might turn into something big.  Very big.


Not long after that day, Jennifer started Nelly’s Nummies, a cake business where she could hone her newfound love of cake decorating.  It wasn’t long before Jen’s talents were recognised and she started making some waves in the South African cake decorating world. Her talent was being noticed by people from all reaches of the country, and it wasn’t long before opportunity came knocking.  Charly’s Bakery, Cape Town’s premier chocolate wedding cake supplier, recruited her as a full-time employee. Jenny brought her own style and talent to the Bakery and soon the people were raving about the designs that came from her hands. She was also involved in two seasons of Charly’s Cake Angels, a reality TV show which focused on the bakery.



But all things have a season and all things come to an end, and eventually it was time for Jennifer to move to bigger and better things. In May 2013, Jen left Charly’s Bakery to begin the wonderful story of “Icing by Design”, her new business which she has started from scratch and has great plans for.  Jenny is happily married to Paul. They live in Cape Town and have two beautiful daughters.  As you can see from the photos in this post, Jenny has considerable sugarcrafting talent, and it is this that she will be sharing at the Indaba during a 90 minute hands-on fondant workshop. Keep up with Jenny’s latest news by following the Icing By Design Facebook page or follow her on Twitter (@IcingByDesign)


She recently started painting designs on some of her cakes. According to her facebook page Jenny misses painting which was one of her passions before the figurines came into her life. How beautiful is that cake up there?

Jenny is busy preparing a magnificent 2 tier cake as I type this and she is donating it to go on auction at our charity auction in aid of SA Guide Dogs for th Blind Association.


The materials used for Jenny’s workshop are being sponsored by the fabulous folk from Nicoletta 


Owned and run with great passion by husband and wife team Nicole Scapetis-Yoell and Ian Yoell for the past 10 years, Nicoletta has grown from a small home-based business into something of a phenomenon. The brand is both elegant and playful; and the products are of an excellent quality. The company started as what Nicole describes “an idea that got out of control.”

“We pride ourselves on presenting premium innovative and exciting products to the South African consumer. It is our appreciation of the Nicoletta fans that brought about this new website. The best interests of our fans are always uppermost when it comes to setting objectives at Nicoletta. We strive to provide product ranges that are both safe and fun to use for adults and children. At Nicoletta, we endeavor to protect our fans by reducing the use of artificial colourants; Azo dyes; and allergenic ingredients; by replacing (where possible) with suitable natural and non-allergenic alternatives. The majority of our products contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Nicoletta provides clean, transparent labelling affording our customer the right to make an informed choice.”



Want to buy one of the few remaining tickets? Take a look at the agenda then Click here to register and pay now. Every second ticket purchased for the remainder of this week will receive a delicious NoMU Gift Voucher to the value of R100. We have also decided to refund the full price of ONE ticket that is purchased this week in the run up to the event.  Just to make it more exciting 🙂 

See you at the Indaba!

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