Some News about Jeanne

Hello everyone,

I received some really bad news on Monday afternoon and need to share it with you all. My friend, business partner, Food and Wine Blogger Indaba guru and blog daughter, Jeanne Horak-Druiff from is unable to travel to South Africa to attend and participate in the Indaba that is taking place next Saturday 22 February. I am gutted and I know that many of you will be very disappointed, especially those who have booked to attend her workshop. We sincerely apologize for having to change the agenda at short notice!

Jeanne is a white powder fiend….no not THAT kind…..I’m talking about that really cold and wet white powder called snow. She cannot resist a snow covered mountain it would seem. It is a case of have skis must….get….to….a….mountain! Her facebook timeline is littered with photos like these taken on different ski slopes around Europe from Trysil in Norway to Obertauern in Austria and others!


Well, she got to her mountain again this past weekend when she went skiing in Les Gets, France. She posted this pic to instagram and facebook with the caption below:

Yesterday on the slopes of Les Gets - enough powder for you?? :o)

Yesterday on the slopes of Les Gets – enough powder for you?? :o)

Clearly Jeanne got her powder – and LOTS of it! She was in her element and enjoying the adventure and adrenalin of skiing down the piste when she took a bad tumble and fractured her right femur. She had to be medevaced off the mountain by helicopter to a hospital and underwent emergency surgery where they inserted a rod and screws to repair the broken bone. So currently she is lost in France somewhere, languishing in a hospital, munching on calcium and lycopene rich foods to initiate healing, and feeling very frustrated I am sure. Jeanne is one of those people who packs the maximum amount of life into each and every day! She hates to be held back. In fact it makes me exhausted to think about her regular days. Take a look at this one post on her blog – 2013 in review – my year in 10 trips – and you will see what I mean! She will soon be discharged from hospital and sent back home to London where she will have to remain….no further travelling for her for a while…unless it is to the physiotherapy rooms!

Jeanne has a very long road of rehabilitation and recovery ahead of her and I wish her rapid healing and restoration of full health! Get well soon blog daughter…your blogmamma is going to miss you horribly. I have never done an Indaba on my own without Jeanne beside me.

In closing I can confirm that Carmen Davila, the fabulously multi-talented model turned photographer from Carmen Davila Photography has very kindly stepped up to the plate and is going to be presenting Jeanne’s workshop “Upgrade your photos without spending a cent (including how to read & recreate a photo, post-processing basics)” as well as her own workshop on effective lighting tips on a budget. Thank you Carmen for taking over for Jeanne. We are both very grateful and consider ourselves blessed to have you joining the team for this year’s Indaba. Carmen’s introductory post will follow soon.

There are still some tickets for sale so if you would like to attend the Indaba please pop over and take a look at the agenda and book. Some of the workshops are already fully booked! Also take a look at our funky trendy venue and read about our charity auction

I look forward to seeing you at the Indaba!



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