Meet the sponsors: Clemengold


The ClemenGold Company is a global company, based in South Africa, created to globally market and grow the image of the ClemenGold.  But what is a ClemenGold? Well, technically it is the registered brand name for superior quality Nadorcott citrus fruits… but there are far more poetic ways to describe them!

Flaming orange. It’s the colour of falling autumn leaves and blazing winter fires. It’s vibrant and bold and oozes the warmth of a hot toddy on a chilly night. It’s also the trademark colour of ClemenGold mandarins… and sunsets that linger across the dunes in the deserts of Morocco. Why Morocco? That’s where the first ClemenGold varietal originated. Not in the desert, of course, but in the fertile valleys surrounding the town of Afourer, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. It was about 40 years ago that growers planted a bunch of regular Murcott citrus seedlings. For some reason, the local bees decided to take the week off resulting in unpollinated flowers. The fortuitous result was classed as a new variety of Mandarin Tangerine called Nadorcott, a virtually seedless, delectably soft and fragrant citrus fruit with easy-separating segments and a tender skin.  And hey presto – the ClemenGold was born!  


ClemenGolds are quite unique:  these all-rounders of the citrus world boast an unparalleled combination of flavour, aroma, juiciness and overall appearance. Their distinctive red-orange rind with a blush of pink is silky smooth and soft. Forget about fighting your way through tough skin and pith, ClemenGold is all about convenience when it comes to peeling. But the real surprise is inside: lusciously juicy and subtly fragranced seedless flesh with a delectable taste that’s as sweet as honey.

Although its appearance and intense flavour distinguishes ClemenGold from other citrus available on our shelves, there’s something else that sets it apart: its adherence to the highest quality standards. ClemenGold ripens naturally in the orchard before being picked and packed by hand. In order to carry the prestigious ClemenGold label, each fruit must have a perfect balance of sugar and acid and should be virtually seedless. Strict packaging standards are also applied to ensure its peak condition is maintained, from source to shelf.

Every fruit brims with the pure goodness of citrus. That is, essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamins B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin) and B9 (folic acid), potassium and fibre. Capitalising on the benefits of the fruit is ClemenGold juice, which was launched last year and proved to be extremely popular. Harnessing all the goodness and flavour of fresh ClemenGold in a tantalising and refreshing juice, 100% ClemenGold juice is available from mid-June to December and is sold in three sizes, namely 350ml (perfect for lunchboxes, sportspeople and those on the go);  750ml for the very thirsty; and the brand new 1.5 litre family size.


ClemenGold is the ideal winter fruit, and is available in South Africa from June to early November at Woolworths SA stores nationwide. Also look out for ClemenGold marmalade in a 300g jar in the preserves aisle. Besides a variety of ClemenGold enfused products in Woolworths SA, The ClemenGold Company will soon be launching a range of products, such as chocolate, coulis, sorbet and many more. These will be available in selected delis and restaurants.

And remember, if it doesn’t say ClemenGold, it isn’t a ClemenGold!

Lucky Indaba delegates will be finding a special treat from ClemenGold in their goodie bags! For further information visit and like ClemenGold on Facebook, or follow Clemengold on Twitter (@ClemenGold).

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    • They are the best ever Karin! You should try and see if you can get any in stores in Europe as it’s their season time over there! Cannot wait for winter for these babies 😀 And looking forward to seeing you soon x

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