A Cooksister comes on board as partner for SAFWiBI

SO here I am, for the second time in a few days! This time to share some great news with you.

From it’s humble beginnings the South African Food and Wine Blogger Indaba has been growing each year and in 2012 I decided to take it one big step further and to a) trademark the name and b) register it as a business. I have learned SO much since I began blogging in mid 2009 and I have never stopped learning. I can honestly say that my 5th decade has been one huge learning curve for me and I have loved it. You are never too old to learn something new and I have made it my mission to try and learn one new thing every day and I can honestly say that the last 4 years have been massive for me in the education department!

When I was deciding to start the business I realized that it was becoming too much for one grandma to run alone so I approached the one person who has stood by my side as a constant  support from the first day that the first SA blogging conference was hatched.  In fact, the seed would never have been planted in my mind if she had not made the suggestion to rather plan one in South Africa instead of hankering after attending one on another continent. To my great relief and joy she agreed to come on board and so it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my brand new business partner…….


Jeanne Horak-Druiff, of Cooksister! fame.

Right from the very beginning it has been our mission to unify the South African food blogging community, to instill into that fabulous community a sense of oneness, united by three common loves – food, writing and photography, and to help improve our skills and to better our blogs, giving our visitors something visually attractive like droolicious photographs, writing that draws them in and recipes that are accurate and easy to follow. We also like to include interesting topics like social media, SEO and plugins and monetizing your blog. Integrity and honesty is very important to us so blog ethics and etiquette are well covered topics as well. And of course together with good food goes good wine and so it seemed natural to include wine and the wine industry in our Indabas. This move has also added interesting workshops in the form of food and wine pairings and we will be looking at broadening our horizons on that subject in the future.

Planning has started for the 2013 Indaba and  I would encourage anyone who is blogging or interested in blogging to seriously consider attending an Indaba. It is very educational and interesting, you get to meet the lovely authors behind the blogs and you take away a lot of new information and knowledge with you.

If you would like to read more about Jeanne take a sweet bite out of the koeksuster here. And if you would like to know more about me, Browniegirl, please take a look here

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Until next time,



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