I thought I should take a break from the organizing side of the Indaba and pop in here to let you all know that things are going along well and the agenda will be up this week (with some possible amendments as I am still awaiting confirmation on some issues) and once the agenda is done I will be able to open up registration and booking. I know a lot of people are excitedly awaiting that news. I have my eye on twitter and see the excitement brewing. I apologize for the wait and am trying to get it done as soon as I can.

In the meanwhile I can tell you all that I am acquiring some amazing sponsors for this years Indaba and I just know that you will all be very excited about this.

First up is one of my favourite online stores……..I get so excited when I know I have a little box (or a big one) of happiness on its way to me via Berco couriers! I bet you all know who I am talking about right? But just in case you dont……..let me tell you a little bit more. These young folk think that life is too short to flip an egg with just any run-of-the-mill spatula. They are continuously searching the world of kitchen tools to bring the very finest culinary assets to my doorstep. And yours of course! I can’t hog ALL their fabulous merchandise for myself. I bet you know now who I am talking about…………that awesome company of people who look so good in bright magenta! Those delightful people who include in your parcel a lovely handwritten card and a cute little fridge magnet………

More than just an online store that is dedicated to finding and selling the world’s hottest cooking gadgets, Yuppiechef is a whole lifestyle philosophy, a radical new way of thinking about life, your kitchen, and the time you spend in it. In today’s times, with more and more people becoming interested in food, and more to the point, food that is prepared in the home, we need these kind of forward thinking companies who encourage us celebrity chef wannabe’s to spend time cooking and baking for our loved ones and friends and who go the extra mile to ensuring that the time we spend in the kitchen is pleasant and indeed, that we will look forward to coming home and using our awesome tools to create and produce delicious meals.  Yuppiechef is your one-stop killer kitchen tool shoppe. These are some of the wonderful team who work hard to provide the efficient, very friendly, fast and trustworthy service that Yuppiechef is known for.

Yuppiechef have come on board as co-headline sponsors this year and you can expect to find some awesomeness in your goodie bags once again this year….more than likely in eye catching, happy making bright magenta 🙂

Thank you Yuppiechef for your awesome support of the Indaba (from day 1) and also for your support and interest in food bloggers in South Africa.

If you would like to connect with these lovely people then do go and browse their website and take a look at the wonderful range of goodies they have for sale in their shop.

You can also subscribe to get their newsletter, interact with them on

Join their Facebook fan page

Tweet up a storm on twitter for hot product news and foodie gossip

To sign up for their newsletter pop over to their website and fill in your email address or flip (pun intended!) through their awesome online magazine called Spatula

Flip through their online magazine

Spatula is an online magazine and playground for foodies, with daily content covering topics from across the kitchen spectrum. News and trends, reviews of the latest kitchen gear on Yuppiechef, people we meet, places we like, cooking tips and tricks, recipes, interviews and a visual diary of the happenings at Yuppiechef HQ – mahala, crafted with love and in the Queen’s English, for you.



8 responses to “AMAZING SPONSORS

  1. The suspense is now officially killing me. I am positively vibrating to buy my ticket and then I can start the countdown to the 24th of June 😉

    • 🙂 LOL! Soon tiggs! I am working on the booking page right now so hopefully, if I get my html stuff all sorted, by tomorrow you can book your ticket! Thank you for your excitement. It spurs me on!

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