diletto hamper winner

I love starting a new week as the bearer of good news for someone! Yesterday I typed out all the names of those who commented on the diletto hamper giveaway post, cut them out and then placed them, upside down, in one of my pretty ceramic bowls. Got my husband behind the camera and did the lucky draw for the winning name.

Here we go then……….


Oh, and to make doubly sure it was absolutely fair….I took my glasses off and was instantly almost blind 🙂 I decided on the lucky draw method because there were too many lovely comments and i could not decide that way 🙂

Kate Liquorish says:

Rooibos Poached Salmon – served with home-made mayonnaise and chargrilled asparagus – yes please!

Congratulations Kate. This awesome hamper is all yours!! Do let us know how the rooibos poached salmon works out!!

Wishing you delicious foodie hours with the ingredients!

Thank you once again to Francis and Martin of diletto online deli for this great giveaway. Do support them if you have need of the lovely products that they sell. They will deliver to your door.

Have a good week,



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