Win with fbi2011 and Diletto Online Deli

I recently got introduced to fabulous Diletto Online Deli and was so impressed with them that I thought I would introduce them to everyone who hasn’t yet heard of them. 

Diletto, defined as delight, pleasure, beloved and delectation is an online deli, specialising in premium delicacies and gifts. It was founded by Capetonian entrepreneurs Martin Lompa and Francis Richter and was officially launched to the online shopping world in August 2008. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer when it comes to online shopping 🙂

Born out of the passion and interest for fine food and wine, Diletto provides virtual shoppers with a handpicked selection of:

  • Biscotti & Bakes
  • Gifts
  • Coffees
  • Oil & Vinegars
  • Jam & Preserves
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits

  Most of the products sourced by the Diletto team are rare and exclusive, allowing the spotlight to fall on developing smaller and relatively unknown suppliers, rather than boosting well-know brands. South Africans are still extremely cautious online shoppers and Diletto aims to increase online shopping traffic to their virtual store, as well as the broader local and international online shopping community alike, through their products on offer and efficient service delivery.

Let me introduce you to the two powerhouses behind the Diletto logo:

Martin Lompa, co-founder and technical manager of Diletto, was born and raised in Cape Town, attended the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt, Oude Molen Technical High and later obtained a University of Cambridge IT Engineering diploma through CTI.However, Martin’s involvement in electronics, IT and the security industry started immediately after he completed high school, before officially commencing with his studies. Martin worked for Eagle Technology for over ten years, starting out as an IT technician, progressing to an IT and network engineer and finally being promoted to sales management. When quizzed about the aspects that he enjoys most about his job, he says, “The daily challenges and opportunities that it brings.” Inspired by the power of the human mind, Martin’s greatest influence on his life so far, has come from the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad and successful businessmen including Richard Branson and Warren Buffet.

If Martin had the opportunity to dine with five famous people, his guest list would include Einstein, Edison, Rockefeller Senior and Mozart. A self-confessed “adrenalin addict,” when duty isn’t calling at the office Martin can be found mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling or bridge swinging. Swakopmund is Martin’s favourite travel destination to date and if he ever had to choose another place to live, other than Cape Town, it would be in the most remote part of the Cederberg Mountains. Martin enjoys indulging in sushi and blueberry cheesecake ice cream, and cannot go a day without the view of Table Mountain.

Martin’s motto in life, “If you say you can, you can. If you say cannot, you’re right.”

Long time friend, co-founder and General Manager of Diletto, Francis Richter was also born and raised in Cape Town, and attended the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt, Tamboerskloof Primary, Camps Bay High and later graduated from Unisa with a B-Comm. degree and majored in management. Prior to becoming the co-founder of Diletto, Francis’ previous work experiences include an internship at the Department of Sport and Cultural Affairs, working in the sales department of Calls United, served as a waitor at Carlucci’s and a barman all the way in Scotland at the Kenmore Hotel. Since high school, Francis dreamed of owning a business and soon picked up on the trend of online shopping which he coupled with his passion for fine food and wine. When asked about what he enjoys most his job, Francis says, “Being independent and working for myself at my own pace in an industry that I am very passionate about.”

Francis draws his inspiration from hearing about other people’s success stories and if he ever had the opportunity to dine with five famous people, his guest list would include Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Spartan King Leonidas, Leonardo da Vinci and Helen Zille. Once the sun sets and the work-day is over, Francis enjoys reading business and fantasy books, listening to hip-hop, alternative rock and heavy metal music and watching movies.

Sunday is Francis’ favourite day of the week, as he normally sets off on a long hike or participates in other activities including mountain-biking, body-boarding, kayaking or food and wine tasting. He enjoys indulging in pizza, chocolate chilli steak, a good old salami sandwich with cheese and German mustard. Namibia, Switzerland and Scotland are currently Francis’ favourite travel destinations and if he could live anywhere else but Cape Town, he would pick either Switzerland or Scotland.

Francis admits that family and loved ones have been the greatest influences on his life so far and shares his motto that, “Everything in life is about getting enough balance in every respect.”

Francis and Martin have shown much interest in the food blogging world and future Food Blogger Indaba sponsorship and would like to offer a fabulous hamper containing So_go lime juice, Chaloner Strawberry and Mint Jam, Chaloner Plum and Onion Marmalade, Skimmelberg Organic Rooibos Tea, Buchulife herbal water (1 * lime, 1 * cranberry, 1 * natural) bottles, Rosemary infused Grape Seed oil 250ml, Chaloner Blueberry Raspberry and Lavendar Jam, Olive Boutique Kalamata Olives in Blueberry dressing and Dried Pomegranate Arils valued at over R500 to one very lucky South African reader!

To stand in line with a chance of winning this stunning food hamper all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you would do with the organic rooibos tea from the hamper! It’s as simple as that 🙂

Competition closes next Friday September 23 at midday and the winner will be announced straight after that.

Good luck! And thank you Martin and Francis for this wonderful prize that you have donated to the South African readers of this blog.

Colleen xx


EDIT: Friday 23 September 12.30pm

This competition is now closed. Thank you everyone who participated and commented. There are so many delightful entries that we have decided to do a lucky draw instead. So later on today I will announce the winner as soon as that is done in front of witnesses…

Good luck everyone 🙂


44 responses to “Win with fbi2011 and Diletto Online Deli

  1. Oooh! First thing that comes to mind is an organic rooibos creme brulee- allowing the milk, cream and rooibos to infuse, before straining it – to make a silky smooth, and delicately flavoured creme brulee. I’d also be tempted to try making rooibos flapjacks- with rooibos infused milk used in the batter, served with a thick and creamy Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit – the perfect all-in-one breakfast!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Great find and how wonderful to have another sponsor!
    Hmm, rooibos tea and I don’t really like each other but… I would probably make rooibos and cherry muffins.
    Have a super evening.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Haha! nice one Tandy…i was thinking along those lines too…Or a rooibos bath!

      • Rooibos bath is good!! Especially now that measles and german measles are doing the rounds again!! It is so soothing for the itchies. Thanks CandidKar for entering 😉 xx

  3. I have a delightful chocolate cake recipe that uses strong rooibos tea – this would be perfect for adding some goodness to the sinful delights!

  4. I drink rooibos tea by the bucket load, hot in winter, cooler in summer, so would probably quaff the lot myself, though I could be persuaded to share with friends who came to tea!

  5. In the spirit of Heritage Day coming up – koeksisters soaked in a cinnamon and rooibos-infused syrup!

  6. I don’t drink Rooibos either, but I always keep a box in my cupboard for when I’m in the mood for an old-fashioned breakfast of stewed fruit & yoghurt. Empty a packet of mixed dried fruit into a glass or ceramic dish, cover with hot rooibos tea (remove the teabag – it doesn’t taste good with yoghurt) and refrigerate overnight and wake up to a yummy breakfast waiting for you in the morning!

    • What a marvellous way of doing it. I usually poach mine in rooibos on the stove but overnight in the fridge is much easier. Thank you for sharing that great idea Blondie, and thanks for entering xx

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  9. Not being a foodie I am not even going to TRY to compete.
    Suffice to say, I would sip my rooibos tea while admiring all the other wonderful goodies.
    And wondering what the hell to do with them!!!

  10. Right now, all I want to do with it is make a hot cup of rooibos chai! But I had thought of a local is lekker dish of rare roast springbok loin wrapped in bacon with a vanilla rooibos risotto, roasted root vegetables and pinotage jus.

  11. I would love to make a traditional Gujerathi chai using roorbos instead of ordinary tea and serve some rooibos infused sweet chilli dumplings with this chai

  12. I’d be torn between making my Rooibos Chai Latte cupcakes again and trying my hand at smoking chicken breasts using the tea leaves.

  13. I use Rooibos so much in my cooking, from doing my smoked chicken, to making my brandy and Rooibos infused syrup that I to poach dried fruit in which I stuff pork belly with, Rooibos cream for dessert toppings, Rooibos mousse, but now that summer is on its way, I think my pick with the Rooibos will be Rooibos Ice Tea, with cardamon, cinnamon and ginger with fresh sprigs of mint for those hot days that are on its way! And the best part is that its o healthy! It is recommended that you drink 6 cups of Rooibos a day, over the period of the day…Iced Tea is a great way to reap the rewards the health benefits of Rooibos!

  14. eish, bit awkward since I do not like rooibos. Give it away would have to be my answer… LOL! lovely hamper indeed!

  15. don’t hate me but i dont really like tea. oh and i hate ginger ale. never once did it soothe my stomach when i’ve been sick. i grew up in south carolina and i am diabetic. south carolina sweet tea will put you in a coma. no really i’m serious. if you have ever had sweet tea with artificial sweetener then you would understand that compared to real southern sweet tea it is a big let down. now even though i don’t love sweet tea. i think everthing else in the basket sounds amazing. also even though i don’t drink tea i would love to cook with it. there are some many cakes and ice creams and desserts that flavor well with tea.

  16. Rooibos tea, Rooibos tea…..
    although I love thee,
    I will not be able to keep it for me!
    I will have to give it to my daughter, Aimeé,
    because she loves her Rooibos tea!

  17. Rooibos stewed fresh pears served with a good quality vanilla ice-cream and chocholate sauce

  18. What a delish looking hamper! I love rooibos, much prefer it to normal tea. I think the combination of rooibos and raspberry is so tasty; so possibly a raspberry and rooibos cream over a hot, rich chocolate fondant! Or maybe baked apples with cinnamon, rooibos and sugar, with creme anglaise (maybe add some rooibos to the creme anglaise instead of the apples themselves…hmmm)

  19. Tea smoked rainbow trout and maybe a tea infused custard. Also drink it with hot water and honey.

  20. Sratch that: i would give it to my best friend’s baby when i babysit. That’s Hila’s big to you. :p

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