Yesterday my little 3 year old grandson drew two numbers out of the colander that I handed him for the draw of the winners of the Madécasse Chocolate Hampers giveaway. I had counted out the comments and then made a list of numbers 1-30 which I printed off and cut up and placed into the colander. I asked Jay to do it as he cannot read and was unbiased about all the comments and their authors! But I was so impressed when he drew out the numbers, held the papers right up to his eyes (he has visual problems remember) and told me what each one of them were. After the first 2 drawn were put aside he proceeded to draw them all out and tell me what they were. Very impressive for a 3 year old to know his numbers up to 20! And after 20 I only had to tell him once what each one was and he remembered. *proud granny moment here* 🙂

Here are the numbers: 8 and 18 – clearly the boy has a penchant for the number 8!

These are the two comments that those numbers matched


So congratulations to Fritz and Michelle, I have sent you both emails. Please send me your postal details so that I can send the hampers off to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your chocolate and please do share what you do with it…..

Thank you Jay for doing the lucky draw for me. You did a great job.

A very special thank you again to Tracey and Charl from, the distributors of Madécasse in Africa, for their wonderful sponsorship of FBI2011.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I thoroughly enjoyed the suggestions for the chocolate and I know that Tracey also enjoyed them!

Have a great week,




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