Finally, the sun has set on another hugely successful Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba, and I live to tell the tale 🙂 It was touch and go there for awhile….might be interesting to follow the days leading up to the event here as Jamie had an insider’s perspective of life with the event planner for a couple of days! Sorry Jamie…it was a tough few days but I reckon the few days whirlwind tour of the Cape made up for it afterwards..hopefully it did. And the invite to come back again for a longer visit (with hubby) stands 🙂

SPONSORS!! I was ovwerwhelmed again this year by the wonderful response from those that I approached…..and then there were those who approached me. I love it when that happens…one of those companies was The Food Lovers Market.

I was so excited when they decided to come on board. I don’t know if you have experienced the particular joy of walking into one of their stores. I was recently introduced to them at the store at Tygervalley. What an experience. Beautiful products and such wide variety. The deli, cheesery and butchery took my breath away. Food Lovers Market not only sponsored Anura wine and a lovely recipe book for the goodie bags, they also gave vouchers for the prize giving and donated an awesome supper club dinner for 10 people to be auctioned off for the Nosh4Noah fund at the end of the day. The lovely big hearted Ishay from Food and the Fabulous was the winning bidder so we look forward to hearing about it some time. Thank you Food Lovers Market for your great sponsorship!

Talking about the auction. It went very well. My son in law Damon stepped in at the last minute to do the auctioneers bit as my friend and MC for the day, Jenny Morris, reported in sick (“first time in my entire career” she told me in a very distraught voice) early on the morning of the Indaba. Damon did a darn fine job too with extracting money from people 🙂 A princely sum of R2825.00 was raised for the fund. Two representatives, Melinda and Kate, attended the auction and very gratefully told the audience that enough money has now been collected for the current round of treatment for Noah, a little boy on the autism spectrum who recently turned 4. Happy Birthday Noah! We wish you all the very best for a bright and happy future.

I always feel that it is better to read about an event from the perspective of those who were there….not necessarily from the event planners perspective which might be biased..or warped 🙂 There are many many blog posts going up about FBI2011. I have compiled a list of bloggers who attended and included their urls so that you can visit and take a look at their blogs and also see what they have to say about FBI2011. Here are just a couple that will give you a good idea of what went down, if you missed out on this years event…….

Cathy Marston blog

Spatula by Yuppiechef


Drizzle and Dip

Cindy has an ongoing series about the products in her goodie bag so do pop over and read about them The Only Cin 

The Squashed Tomato

Lavender and Lime 

Notes from My Nest


Enjoy all the reading,

Oh! And do look out for some more spot giveaways in the future. Those sponsored gifts just keep on coming! Unfortunately the giveaways will be limited to local winners because of high shipping costs. Watch this blog, my personal blog and also follow me on twitter for awesome goodie giveaways! 🙂




  1. It really was a memorable event with high-calibre sponsors. I hope peeps watch my blog for a fun giveaway over the course of next week for some Pesto Princess aprons.
    Thanks to everyone for a really super Indaba.

  2. Well done, colleen, it sounds a fab day – I’ve been reading the reviews with a little envy. Promising myself to be there next year!

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