An exciting new addition to the sponsorship of FBI2011 is Bos Iced Tea Very refreshing with a variety of flavours Bos is a delicious summery drink that I recently discovered. Social networking is quite amazing actually. You learn so much about so much 🙂 And Bos was something that I picked up on on twitter. Sent my begging letter to them and they were amazing with their sponsorship. A young go ahead funky team with a brilliant website. Don your sunnies and go and take a look 🙂 The future is very bright for this company.

 And talking of new additions…..allow me to introduce Andy Fenner, or better known as Jamie Who in blog speak. I met Andy last year when he attended the first SA Food Bloggers Conference and this year he will be speaking about building your brand and social networking.

With a background in advertising and branding, Andy found himself working in a PR agency in his early twenties. With several accounts to run, it was the property development world that attracted him. “At the time those guys had no clue as to how to market their business. They didn’t understand that they needed a professional service to run an integrated marketing campaign, with advertising and PR being part of that.” With that in mind, Andy founded a company to do just that and worked closely with some of the country’s leading developers. It wasn’t long before Andy and his team were developing themselves. Life was, as Andy puts it “very cushy.”
But something wasn’t right.

“It just wasn’t me”, he’s able to admit now. “Chino’s and a blue shirt to work every day? Come on. I needed to be a bit more creative.”

And the blog was born. Writing under the pseudonym, Jamie Who, Andy’s blog quickly grew to the point where he decided to attempt to make a career from it. “Food is what I’ve always wanted to do.” 18 moths later and he is a regular contributor for TASTE magazine, House&Leisure, Mens Health, Women’s Health, Food&Home, Eat Out, Eat in and more. Andy has been featured himself in various publications and was even named as one of the “200 young South Africans you should take to lunch” by the Mail&Guardian.

He’s invested or started several food-related companies and now writes on the lifestyle site, www.aficionado.co.za , which he also founded.
“Basically, I’m a food whore”, is how he sums it up. “If it’s got to do with food, and I believe in it, I’m in.” When not eating and drinking his way around South Africa, or cooking in his own kitchen, you can find Andy running in the mountains. “If I didn’t…I’d look like a house. Exercise is super-important to me.”

T minus no sleeps anymore. FBI2011 will be kicking off in about 7 hours and here I sit blogging and trying to catch up. But I have run out of time. When next you hear from me it will be to start telling you about the event itself…and the people who made it ROCK!! That you would be you 🙂

And guess who will be keeping you on the cutting edge of blogging?????

More about this awesome sponsor later……………



4 responses to “SPONSORS AND SPEAKERS FBI2011

  1. 2nd food blogging conference in Cape Town in just a few hours, can’t wait. Ms Brownie-girl, THANK YOU, you really have created magic!

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