Did I tell you that I have got awesome sponsors this year?? Its going to take quite a while for me to introduce and list them all! But slowly I am working my way through the long list!

Another new sponsor to come on board for fbi2011 is Sagra Foods  with a brand new very exciting product that has just arrived in South Africa! And we very fortunate folk at fbi2011 will be able to sample them first 🙂 Can you guess what they are?? YUMMY!!

Yes…….gorgeous little morello cherries in a kirsch. It is going to be so exciting seeing what everyone does with their little bottles. Take a look at their website for ideas of what to do with these little beauties and get creative. Thank you Sagra Food and Griottines for allowing us to sample your brand new imported product! I know I am going to love it!


 I do hope you will all remember to try out your products and blog about them as all of fbi2011 sponsors will be keeping track of every one of the blogs represented at fbi2011. It is a way for us to thank them for their generosity in giving sponsorship and believe me….there is a lot of sponsorship here.  

Another old friend of the Indaba is presenter Nina Timm from My Easy Cooking. This year Nina will be presenting the Food Styling and Photography workship together with fab food stylist Sam Linsell. She will also be presenting her own photography workshop during the latter part of the afternoon AND she is making the canapes for the food and wine pairing workshop! Thank you Nina!!

Here, in her own words, is Nina’s biography from her blog…….

 I started my career as a Speech Correctionist and for many years taught children with learning as well as physical disabilities. Although my initial career choice had nothing to do with food, this passion for food and cooking had been instilled in me from a very young age. My mom and my gran are excellent cooks in their own right and the social aspect of food has always played a large roll in our house. Mealtimes in our house were always special with tables filled with flavorsome and hearty fair and hustle and bustle of hungry guests will always be a fond memory for me. After raising my two children out of their toddler phases, I was ready for a new challenge. My husband suggested that I started a website to make my arsenal of food knowledge available to everybody. For a complete computer novice like me, that was quite a challenge, but through trial and error I have managed to put a few websites together that I can be proud of.

Nina is currently speaking on Rsg radio every Thursday morning. This girl is going places!

A sponsor from last year who joined in again this year is Cape Quarter Spar in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village, de Waterkant, Cape Town. If you haven’t been to walk wide eyed around the aisles in this deli, you surely are missing out. Its a little bit of foodie heaven! They have sponsored a fabulous hamper for the lucky draw that will be taking place on Sunday at fbi2011. Thank you guys for your continued support 🙂

Presenting the workshop together with Nina is Sam Linsell, a food stylist with an amazing talent. Sam is the author of Drizzle and Dip, a blog worth taking note of. This girl is also going places!!

“Aside from the life long fixation with it, food has always been a part of my career. I went to Hotel School and did the hospitality management thing for many years. Then onto marketing food brands and fast food restaurants, eventually deciding to quit corporate slavery and move back to Cape Town to build a dream life.

I’m now a freelance food stylist, writer, recipe developer, food innovator, bespoke baker and recently started a cold smoking food business with a partner called: The Smoking Shed.

What next?

As this is a journey without a roadmap, I have no idea where I will land up. I’m just letting things evolve and build.


This is a hobby and I’m growing and learning as I go. Most of the pictures on my blog are taken by myself with my SLR and very fabulous macro lense.  I also have a point and shoot that gets dragged around pretty much everywhere to capture those ‘out and about shots’.

I will make mention when another photographer has taken a picture of my work, or contributed to this site, and luckily for me, I get to work with some incredible ones.”

Big day tomorrow with lots of last minute stuff to fill it. I hope I don’t forget something really important!

Well thats it from me for tonight…..

T minus 2 and counting…….




  1. Colleen, you have done a remarkable job and I truly am sorry that I missed out on all of this magnificence. Kudos to you for what will be an annual event for decades to come.
    🙂 Mansy

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