So I was supposed to do this yesterday already but my word….behind the scenes is chaotic here at Indaba headquarters (insert here: home) My lounge area looks more and more like a packaging shed or warehouse…..the boxes are piling upwards now….and still they keep coming. I took possession of the goodie bags last evening and I have to tell you that they are just fabulous! I am thrilled thank you Verlaque! And I know that everyone who receives one will be proud to use them while out and about doing shopping 🙂


Another fabulous sponsor at this years Indaba is Yuppiechef.I am sure that everyone in the food world has to know who Yuppiechef is….I have to say that I love the Yuppsters and their awesome products. They sponsored last years Indaba and are on board bigger and better this year!! Thank you Yuppiechef!! And I know that everyone at Indaba will be very proud to use the product that you are sponsoring for this event…nuff said 🙂

I would like to introduce you to more of the speakers at Indaba this year. Not that these following two ladies need much of an introduction….I think just the names speak for themselves…..or maybe even just the photo’s would say it all………..Abigail and Phillippa will speak on How to turn your writing into a book or magazine article…a subject that is close to every food bloggers heart!


Zimbabwean-born Abigail Donnelly (43) is heralded as one of South Africa’s most respected ‘foodies’ for her invaluable contribution to the SA culinary scene.   In recognition of her consistently high standard of food writing, she has scooped no less than three prestigious Galliova Awards. South Africa’s most prestigious award for excellence in food journalism, the Galliova Awards are now in their 18th year and are widely regarded as the highest authority on food journalism in the country.

Happily married to graphic designer Terry, Abigail is proud mom to two boys (aged 7 months and 7 years respectively). A resident Capetonian, she ascribes much of her success to the support of her husband of 22 years, who early on inspired her to follow her passion.  She also attributes her love affair with food to her grandmother, whom she fondly remembers from childhood memories of happy times spent creaming butter and sugar together in her large, comfortable kitchen. 

Working within her passion enables Abigail to comfortably wear many hats simultaneously.  She is currently the convener of the annual EAT OUT Restaurant Awards (SA’s foodie Oscars), Editor of the Eat Out magazine and Food editor of both Taste and Visi magazines.  

Starting out her working life in 1983 with a five year stint as an insurance broker, her interest in all things epicurean led her to become one of South Africa’s most respected food writers. Reading much like a classic  ‘rags-to-riches’ tale from the finest screenplay, Abigail’s story began with her entering and winning a bread-making competition, while working as a waitress at the Milner-on-One Hotel in 1989. Recognizing in her a rare talent, the hotel management offered her the position of Sous Chef, and within the space of just one week, promoted her to Head Chef.  Unbeknown to her, this was to be the beginning of her illustrious career in the culinary industry.A year later she followed her entrepreneurial instincts and opened her own tiny coffee shop, The Tea-pot, in Long Street (Cape Town), which she operated for 2 years before deciding to sell when her business partner immigrated. In 1993 she took up the position of Head Chef at SH & G Attorneys, a Cape-based law firm, and, while fulfilling this portfolio, Abigail catered for a number of functions for Fairlady magazine. Recognizing Abigail’s dedication and zeal, then Fairlady Editor, Roz Wrotesley approached her to write a number of food columns for the magazine.  The writing bug bit, and the rest, as they say, is history. She then went on to become Food editor for Fairlady, a position she held with style and aplomb for seven years, before taking up her current position at New Media Publishing in 2006.

When asked what and who inspires her, she smiles and exclaims: ‘Sugar! I love collecting sugar from all over the world. Among my collection are green sugar frogs, lumps of Chinese rock sugar, sugar cubes with hearts, pink circles and sugared violets. And the best part of my job? Mmmm… apart from being able to taste the most decadent desserts, I love the eating out buzz and meeting new people. There are so many talented new, upcoming chefs and restaurateurs and it is fantastic to be witness to the growing appreciation that diners have of a superb restaurant experience. I admire British Chef, Heston Blumenthal for his creative genius and renowned Italian Chef and Restaurateur Giorgio Locatelli, for his simple pleasures.’  she replies with characteristic passion.

Proud sponsor of the wine and cheese for the Indaba this year is

Fairview have sponsored their delicious new La Capra Wines for lunch and the cheeses for the photography workshops. A beautiful hamper also awaits the auction and some fab Have you all tasted the amazing brineless Feta? Brine is soooo last year. Thank you so much Fairview and

Next up on the speaker list is the amazing Phillipa Cheifitz. Read in her own words what she has to say about herself……..



“I abandoned psychology for a passion for food, and I have never regretted it. Over a career that spans decades I have eaten memorable meals around the world, met equally passionate chefs, cooks and food writers. Through my features in newspapers, magazines and numerous cookbooks I have shared recipes, that are both feasible to make and delicious to eat. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than compliments from ‘fans’ who have cooked and enjoyed these recipes. After all, what could be more bonding than a well-prepared meal, whether an everyday dinner for family or a shared feast with friends. It all began by sheer chance. An art director who had eaten at my home recommended me  to Cape Town’s leading photographer who was in need of a food stylist. My first assignment was for the South African Tourist Board, a feast on a beach. Blissfully, it was a great success. Later, advertising agencies asked me to supply recipes. A kitchen appliance manufacturer commissioned a cookbook – Cooking for Compliments. A magazine asked me to join as food editor. An invitation to join the The Argus followed the publication of the immensely popular Meals for a Month. When Cosmopolitan magazine was launched as South Africa’s first glossy magazine (more sophisticated then than its international counterparts), the celebrity editor Jane Raphaely invited me to be food editor.  A Cosmopolitan Cookbook was published. I moved to other magazines in the stable; authored many cookbooks. Cape Town Food – a celebration of local ingredients. My cookbook South Africa Eats is a culinary history of the many immigrants who came to South Africa plus a section of modern recipes using South African and African ingredients. My newest cookbook titled Easy is a repertoire of everyday  recipes for the home cook. Ever eager to learn more, cookbooks are certainly one of my great inspirations. I am an avid collector and am happy if I too can inspire other good cooks.”

I know that I am really looking forward to hearing this 2 inspiring ladies talk and if you would like to hear them but have not yet booked….do pop over to the registration page and do your thing now. Only 10 seats remain available.

T minus 4 and counting…….




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