Next week this time all those fortunate enough to have booked themselves a space at The second annual Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba, now widely known as fbi2011, will be relaxing and watching another spectacular Cape Town sunset while sipping cocktails, chatting to new friends, computing all that they have learned for the day and getting ready to lug home their fabulous goodie bag, stuffed to the brim with wonderful sponsored items courtesy of all the companies who have come on board for this years fbi. Over the next few days I will be (trying to) list all of them here on this blog, and also introducing the speakers to you. 

As I have mentioned before, Verlaque are sponsoring all the goodie bags as well as some product for each bag and three fabulous gift boxes as giveaways. One of these have already been won by one very fortunate person simply for booking a spot at the Indaba. You never know what exciting things might happen to you if you pop over to the registration page and take the plunge……..

If you take a look to your right you will see the Verlaque advert. Click on this and it will lead you to their website where you can purchase, hasslefree and online for delivery to your door in SA, one of these or other fabulous themed gift boxes, and lots of other products! Go on, its Valentines Day after all and you owe yourself a gift of love. And besides, Verlaque have pledged to donate 10% of the value of each order to the Nosh4Noah initiative…so besides loving yourself enough to buy a top notch product, you will also be giving little Noah a gift of love.

And now on to the speakers…….first up for introduction is the main speaker for the Indaba, and the one who inspired and encouraged me to get off my sorry butt and get a conference organized last year, Jeanne Horak-Druiff, more affectionately and better known to everyone as Cooksister! the award winning blogger, or @cooksisterblog on twitter. Do follow this lively lady for a lot of fun and laughter..she who swore at last years conference that she was just not that into twitter HAHA! 8,100 and something tweets later and counting….believe me, she LOVES twitter and twitter seems to love her back, listing her as having 1,710 followers. You can take the girl out of Africa…..but you will never take Africa out of the girl!! You will know what I mean when you meet Jeanne!

 Port Elizabeth girl and former criminal lawyer, Jeanne moved to London in 2002 and started her internationally praised blog CookSister! in May 2004.  CookSister! was named as one of the Times Online’s top 50 food blogs in the world and is also a four-time winner of the Best South African Food Blog category in the South African Blog Awards. Her recipes have been published in cookbooks such as the BloggerAid Cook Book and Foodies of the World; and her essays in National Geographic’s 500 Food Journeys and 500 Secret Journeys; and Creating a Meal You’ll Love. She also writes for the SA Times magazine in London and has been a regular columnist in the online publication We Magazine for Women and South Africa’s hugely popular Web site, Food24.  Jeanne’s other love is public speaking and she has spoken twice at the Food Blogger Connect conference in the UK as well as at the South African Food Blogger Indaba in 2010. When she is not engaged in cooking or blogging activities, Jeanne indulges her passions for travel, photography… and shoe shopping!!

One of the first sponsors to come on board for this years Indaba has been The Greenleaf Olive Company Have you tried this awesome extra virgin olive oil yet?? You are going to love it as much as I do……a fairly intense, fruity, light green oil that carries a gold SA Olive Award 2010 sticker. I have loved using it in salad dressings, in the awesome mayonnaise that I have been making and for dipping crusty ciabatta in…with a swirl of Verlaque flavoured balsamic reduction…culinary BLISS!


The second speaker I would like to introduce to you is Jane-Anne Hobbs, known as Juno , author of the beautiful blog Scrumptious South Africa and @Jane_Anne62 on twitter. This is also the second time that Jane-Anne will be presenting at the Food Blogger Indaba. She will present a talk on recipe development in the morning and in the afternoon a workshop on writing.

Trained in speech and drama at Rhodes University, Jane-Anne Hobbs abandoned the idea of a penniless life in the theatre and took up a low-paying career in writing instead.  She has worked from a home office as a professional editor, journalist and author for the past two decades, and in recent years has found a new career as a food writer, recipe developer and social media consultant. Her award-winning blog, Scrumptious South Africa has grown into one of South Africa’s leading food blogs, attracting a wide local and international audience.
‘I’ve been cooking since I was nine or ten,’ says Jane-Anne, ‘but it’s only in the last twelve or so years that my love of food has become something of an obsession.’
Scrumptious South Africa focuses on original, home-cooked recipes ‘that warm your heart and make your tastebuds sing’.  Jane-Anne has a particular interest in ancestral recipes, and enjoys researching food history and collecting vintage cookbooks.
Jane-Anne’s hobbies include gardening, photography, piano, guitar and drawing, ‘none of which I have much time to do, because blogging, Facebook, Twitter and my teenagers have swallowed my life’!

Jane-Anne moved back to Cape Town with her husband Philip and three children a year ago, after 17 years in Johannesburg, and now lives in Hout Bay.  She juggles her time between developing recipes, managing social media for various clients, and dreaming up new and delicious dishes for her blog.

 To those who have not yet registered to attend this fabulous event on the blogging and social networking calendar, you really don’t want to miss out. There are only a few tickets remaining and just 3 days left to book!! Go now and book by registering here You really won’t regret it. Besides learning a lot from the talented speakers/presenters, you will meet and put faces to lots of lovely food and wine folk, stand a chance to win some fantastic giveaways and prizes on the day, as well as take home a goodie bag filled with fabulous products worth more than the cost of the ticket to attend. Now THAT is awesome!!

Here’s looking forward to learning a lot from these two very talented bloggers. To those who are travelling from far….remember to factor in the +- 10kgs weight of the goodie bags when you are packing for your flights!! 🙂

Until tomorrow, when I will introduce you to some more exciting speakers!




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