Hi everyone, I hope you have all noticed the awesome new look header on the blog. Thank you very much to one of the delightful sponsors for the Indaba

who very kindly took my idea for a logo and, together with their graphic team, turned it into what you now see! Please pop over to the Verlaque website and take a squizz around. They have the most fabulous products and have a great online shopping service in South Africa. Verlaque will be sponsoring the wonderful goodie bags at the Indaba this year. I am most grateful to Neil, Adrienne and their team for all the support and assistance and for believing in what I am doing.

To all you bloggers out there I would like to issue a request that you consider placing an Indaba badge on your blogs and create some interest in the Indaba for other bloggers to read and react to. There is just no way that I will find the time to visit all the SA blogs that I can find to invite each one. So I am relying on you all to spread the word.

Booking has been brisk the first week since registration opened and we are now just over 50% subscribed. I am thrilled at all the interest shown in the Indaba and it just signifies that there is a need for this type of event in South Africa. To put the badge/widget onto your website you will need the following html code…make sure you copy (and paste it in) in it’s entirety including the  <   and the   >  at beginning and end…….thank you to Nicola at Wots For Lunch for putting a link to the Indaba blog into the badge for me. Like I said to her…if I could write and understand html code…I would not fit my head through the study doorway to get out 🙂

<p align=center><a href=’https://foodbloggaindaba.wordpress.com/‘><img src=’http://albums.24.com/DisplayImage.aspx?id=e916ff92-0f40-4697-913a-d9bdd6021a2c&amp;t=s‘ alt=’Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba 2011′ width=’200′ Height=’179’/></a><br><br><a href=’http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23FBI2011‘>#FBI2011</a><br><a href=’https://foodbloggaindaba.wordpress.com/booking-for-the-indaba/‘>Book now</a></p>

I am currently working on the agenda. Still have one or two speakers to confirm and also to iron out some kinks and then I will post the program early this week. I will then also start introducing all the fabulous speakers that will be participating in numerous ways at this years Indaba. It is going to be GOOD!

Have a great week everyone,



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