KICKOFF TO fbi2011

The universe is trying it’s best to foil my attempts to get on top of things after the festive season but I will not allow it to do so. Yesterday the geyser in our roof burst! I was sitting here in the study and had just started typing (I only got as far as the subject line!) this post when I thought I must quickly phone my good friend in KZN…I think something about the word kick jogged my memory to call and find out how her ankle was getting on. She kicked a rock on Christmas Day (well she says she forgot it was behind her and the nasty big wave was about to tumble her hehe) and it seems as though she has cracked her ankle. But anyway…….while we were chatting I suddenly started hearing water pouring onto the ceiling directly above my pc! Said a quick goodbye to her, made sure pc and external back up drive were safe and started the process of calling the landlord and getting a plumber out urgently. So we were without hot water since yesterday until lunch time today…thank goodness for small mercies….Cape Town is in the middle of a sweltering heatwave so cold showers are the order of the day 🙂 Then today I had to take care of my little almost 3yr old grandson and those who know him know that he is a precious busy handful! As soon as he left this afternoon I sat down to continue with my blog post when my internet went down!! AARRGGHH! It is back up now again and I have told the men in my household to make their own dinner and eat it while I type this up and post it!

And now for the announcement that you all have been so patiently waiting for………………

fbi 2011 (Food & Wine Blogger Indaba 2011) is ON!! It is just 6 1/2 weeks away and I get butterflies flapping around in my belly at the mere thought. Kind of about the size of the butterflies I had last year just after new year and realized how much work I had to do in very little time…… only a bit worse this time round as it is even closer!!!

fbi 2011 will be taking place on Sunday 20th February 2011. It will again be an all day event, starting with registration at 8.30am and ending at around 5pm. I decided to change the format of this years conference and have included some breakaway workshops for the afternoon session. The agenda still needs a bit of working on. I still need confirmation from some of the speakers that I have invited. The main speaker will again, like last year, be Jeanne Horak Druiff, otherwise known as Cooksister! For those who are unfamiliar with her, Jeanne is a South African living in London and has been the author of the award winning blog Cooksister! for almost 7 years. Jeanne will use any excuse to visit the homeland and she has just graced these shores with her presence in December so I was a bit concerned there for awhile. BUT……don’t you just like that word sometimes?….. Jeanne, and her hubby Nick, will be travelling back for a special occasion and he has kindly loaned her to me (and all of you who will be attending the indaba) for a day! Thank you Nick! 😉

I will be writing more about Jeanne and her blog involvement, as well as introducing all the speakers in upcoming posts. For now….here is the rest of the big announcement…..the VENUE!

fbi 2011 will be held at Monkey Valley Beach Nature Resort in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

Monkey Valley Beach Nature Resort

 Photo borrowed from the website

Monkey Valley is situated on the southern lower slopes below the majestic Chapmans Peak Drive and is hidden away in one of the most ancient milkwood forests in Cape Town. It has direct access to the beautiful 8km stretch of white sandy Noordhoek beach with beautiful views. Let’s see……mountain, sea, forest, Table Mountain National Park, beautiful views, endless sunsets, Cape Town and the winelands in close proximity….what more could one want??

Please take a look around their website. There is accommodation available for out of town (or local) delegates if anyone should want to stay overnight and sample the wonderful surroundings that comprise Milkwood. If there is enough interest in accommodation I know that they would come up with a package for me so do let me know as soon as possible if you are interested so that I can get that going. Directions to the resort are on their website or google maps can assist you here

Now, let me get on with the business of sponsors and speakers and an agenda. The booking and payment form will be up shortly and with that advent will come another exciting announcement! I’m rather liking this 🙂

Chat soon,



11 responses to “KICKOFF TO fbi2011

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  2. Enjoy the planning of the event Colleen – it sounds lovely.

    I am sorry about the broken hot water cylinder (geyser) – hope it can be fixed soon

  3. Hi Col
    Unless there’s some unforseen, will be there like yesterday 🙂
    Well done you on all your hard work and a big thank you too.

  4. Ok, So I logged in just to leave a comment here,

    I did fall over a rock so that I would not get my Christmas “rokkie” all wet – that will LEARN me not to stand to close to the water , LOL.

    Dear friend, I hope that all your planning for this will be blessed and I just know that it is going to be one big PARTY and sucsess. Love you lots and thanks for the chat earlier.

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